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Monday, February 18, 2019

Welcome to the Drainflow Risk Communication and Management Planning Tools Website

Agricultural drains are a key transport pathway for pesticides applied to winter crops entering surface water bodies and there are a suite of pesticides that are currently problematic with respect to achieving compliance with the Water Framework and Drinking Water Directives that are potentially transported via this pathway.  Unlike other exposure pathways there are limited options for mitigating losses via this pathway, with managing the risk through planning being an important option.This web-package provides additional risk management tools developed under Defra project PS2245 to complement in-field risk identification through the development of Crop Protection Management Plans and in addition to the individual product stewardship campaigns.  These tools are designed to assist agronomists and land managers in their decision making processes through informing a series of questions along a decision making tree with respect to agricultural drainflow:

1. Spatial - Is the proposed location of use potentially risky?
2. Temporal - Is the proposed time of use potentially risky?
3. Usage - Does the product proposed for use contain an active ingredient of WFD concern and is it likely to be mobile?

It is important to note that these tools were developed to prompt agronomists/advisors and users of pesticides, quite possibly new land owners, tennants, contract farmers or contract sprayers to think about and address these spatio-temporal risk factors.  There is no substitute for proper field level risk assessment and planning as local field scale factors may vary from the broader scale regional spatial datasets that underpin these tools, for example a low drainflow risk index does not mean that a local field does not have a heavy soil that is underdrained it suggests that this is less likely.


This project was funded by Defra Project PS2245 and delivered by Cambridge Environmental Assessments.  This site does not necessarily represent policies of Defra or the HSE Chemicals Regulation Directorate.



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